Arbess Top 5 Pearls of Wisdom

Top 5 Pearls of wisdom:

Arbess is the Managing Director of Achroma Group, an upcoming Civil Engineering, Construction Management and Facility Maintenance company. He has worked his way up through various engineering and construction roles before taking the plunge into self-employment.
Building on a Civil engineering background and focusing on establishing his early career as an engineer, Arbess has worked on some of the largest construction projects in Australia before starting his own business, building it from the ground up.
Arbess has a way with people and quickly develops lasting relationships; he prides himself on the quality of his and his team’s work and always looks for favourable outcomes for all.

Here are Arbess’s top 5 pearls of wisdom for accelerating your career.

  1.  Read Change Your Thinking by Sarah Edelman – This book was an eye opener for me as a technical engineer as it helped me ‘round-off’ those sharp edges and encouraged me to focus on my goals better.
  2. Build your professional and personal network as early as you can. I can’t count the number of times people in my network have helped me think through a tough situation – they are my angels.
  3. Embrace failures in your career. This is not a perfect strategy but WHEN the failures knock on your door, be nice and welcome them in. Learning from my failures have only made me wiser and more creative.
  4. Education. Education. Education. Be it academic, vocational or other, keep learning and exercise those brain muscles.
  5. Be proud of your successes and who you are, but also be humble and selfless – the universe will thank you for it.