FastTrack Program

Here is a brief overview of the Rapid Mentoring FastTrack program:

New member are set up with a unique username and password granting them access to the Members section. Once logged in, they are directed to their My Profile page. From here they can:

  • Customise their My Profile page
    • Add info about themselves, upload a profile photo, create a bucket list, track goals and much more.
  • Head straight into the 9 Power Packed course modules

My Profile

The My Profile page is here to capture your progress, record all your important results and to give you a home for your personal development goals.

Rapid Mentoring - FastTrack Program

Rapid My Profile page

Program core content modules

Our 9 power packed modules are ready and waiting for you to tackle in the members section. Here is a quick overview of what you can expect:

    • We recommend starting with the All about You module. This is where you will discover all about yourself. We have personality profiles, values assessments and much more on offer in this module to help you learn more about who you are and what makes you tick.
    • The next module you under take is up to you, here are your choices:
      • Finance and Investing
      • Landing THE Job
      • Career Development
      • Purpose
      • Stress Management
      • Mental Strength
      • Future Planning
      • Personal Development

All modules are a complete learning package, with key course material, external links, books to read, personal experiences, bonus reports and much more to keep you engaged. Each module will take a minimum of 1hr to complete depending on how deep you want to go into the additional resources.

The picture below is a snapshot of how each core category is laid out. This is the All about you section.

Rapid Mentoring - FastTrack Program

Additional Content:

Additionally, members receive ongoing email updates covering the following:

  • Weekly update email with Q&A from our members
  • Three separate monthly emails:
    • Deep Dive – we take a closer look at one of the 9 Core Categories to stretch your knowledge
    • Book Review – explore our reading list and our synopsis of books read this month
    • Members Time – our members get a chance to spread their news, great stories, book reviews and updates on their progress


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