Finding your Purpose

Finding your purpose and passion in life is a monumental milestone in anyone’s life. Some people are lucky enough to have a deep seated understanding of why they were put on this earth from a young age, others take longer to find their true calling in life. Sadly, vast proportions of the population never explore this concept or are even vaguely aware of it.

It is so important that you find what you are passionate about, then make this your work or at the very least, allow work to fulfill your passions in other ways.

Knowing what to do with your life

So many people we have worked with over the years constantly complain about not knowing what they want to do with their life. The sad part is when these people are approaching retirement age with a limited number of years left to find this purpose.

This is where the Rapid FastTrack program comes in, one of our goals is to help you find your true calling in life and learn how to live your Purpose. If you are interested in learning more but not quite ready to join us, perhaps start your journey with a book? A favorite of ours is Purpose by Lisa Messenger.

Rapid Mentoring - Finding your Purpose

Purpose by Lisa Messenger

Ultimately (hopefully), we all want to be happy and live a life that we find fulfilling and enjoyable. To have a sense of purpose, reduce our stressors and do the things we enjoy with the people we love!