Get Floating

Float Tank Experience

Now I have really taken one for the team this month and trialed a new relaxation method. This month I plucked up the courage to try out my very first float tank experience.

Now this may not sound scary to some, but the idea of spending an entire hour in complete darkness with absolutely zero noise with no one but yourself could and does sound terrifying to others.

For my initiation into the world of floating, I made an appointment to head into The Float Space in West End Brisbane. First off all the staff were great, when you booked you were emailed a quick video induction of what to expect and this really helped settle the nerves ‘knowing what you were in for’. The whole premise was great, a neat relaxing waiting area with meditative colour in books, water and teas on offer. After a few moments you are ushered off to your private pod room where you strip down, shower, plug some ear plugs in and slide into your pod before you lower the hood and settle in. Pressing the big green button in the pod switches off the lights and let me tell you it is DARK, like the darkest dark I have ever experienced (you can’t tell if your eyes are open or closed it is that dark).

The water is heavily saturated with Epsom salts, over 550kg per pod. It is heated to the perfect temperature and it is fair to say you are super buoyant, it almost feels like you are floating on a warm gel. Even though the water is only ~15cm deep there is no way you are touching the bottom when lying down.

At first it takes a little to get used to. You drift around and bounce off the edges a few times and get comfortable. Once you relax, the magic happens. Personally, my experience was a little euphoric. I noticed the water would warm up in a small zone around all of my body parts (when you moved you would notice it cool down) so it became a challenge to lie as still as possible and enjoy this sensation.
Thoughts would come and go from your mind and I found I would cycle through states of alertness. I wouldn’t say I fell asleep at any stage but the meditative state was quite noticeable.
After what felt like more than an hour music began to play in the pod meaning it was time to get up, shower off, and retreat back to the relaxation area for a tea and reflection on the time in the pod.

So, how did feel afterwards?

  1. Drowsy, kind of deeply relaxed and like I had had a huge mental reset
  2. My muscles felt relaxed, very different to a massage. The floating meant there was zero tension on anything. My muscles were allowed to naturally release as I didn’t need to support myself. The general aches and pains had also diminished for sure
  3. The silence and darkness was amazing. I don’t know the last time I experienced such a sensory deprivation
  4. From a mind perspective, there was a fresh sense of clarity, similar to a relaxing massage but in my opinion better

Some key pointers if you want to try it:

  1. They provide a balm to put on any cuts or scratches, I had a tiny nick on my finger that stung a bit for around 15 minutes – I should have gotten out and put some balm on it – deal with any discomforts straight away.
  2. There is a float for your head – use it if you need, many people need it for their first few floats.
  3. With the hood closed it can get quite humid, lifting the hood a little lets much more fresh air in (still completely dark) I found it quite humid with the hood right down, much better with it up a little.
  4. The water tastes BAD – Don’t taste it!
  5. If you get uncomfortable at any point, move or change your position and reset – I would much rather you try to get a few quality 10 minute zones than being “not quite there” for a full hour.
  6. For those that suffer from Anxiety or Claustrophobia:
    1. Take it at your own pace – there is a light button and a buzzer to call the staff if needed.
    2. You are in control and feel totally safe in the environment.
      • The darkness can feel quite engulfing, if you suffer from claustrophobia you may want to leave the light on, you are completely in control.
    3. I didn’t feel anxious in any way during the float, again the light is there if you need it and I would recommend you don’t fully shut the pod if you have any breathing difficulties.

So, should you try it?
I realise this might not be for everyone. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would definitely go back again. If you are keen to give it a try, I say go for it, it is definitely relaxing and my muscles feel soothed. It’s perfect for when you feel mentally drained and need a mental reset.

Thanks again to the team at The Float Space – check them out here: