Jason Daniel Pearls of Wisdom

Earlier this month I had the privilege of interviewing Jason Daniel – Founder and Director of LSKD. It was an amazingly insightful chat with so many valuable takeaways.


Jason began his career as a carpentry apprentice. He also had a huge passion for action sports and racing as a pro motocross athlete. Back in 2007, working from his mums’ bedroom, Jason launched LKI releasing some caps, shirts, apparel and stickers. Three years later he managed to hang up his tool belt and take the plunge into running his business full time.


Jason’s journey over the past 13 years has had its fair share of challenges. The brand has gone through three major rebrands over this time, recently changing the name to LSKD. This move has opened up a much larger demographic and catapulted the business to become the fastest growing wheels and water lifestyle brand in Australia!


Jason has managed to build an amazing following through the hugely recognisable LKI/LSKD branding. Their vision and mission is clean, crisp and totally inspiring. It was amazing to hear Jason’s journey, the struggles as well as the massive wins. Personally, Jason has been on a massive journey of discovery, his management style has been refined over the years and he is proud of the culture he is fostering within the LSKD offices. The employees are growing with the brand and are a massive part of their success.


Proudly, Jason has built LSKD to what it is today. Following other brands is not his style; instead choosing to carve his own path and helping his followers to follow their passion. He has built a brand ethos around the feeling you get when you are engaged in the sport you love or chasing the vibe. For me this feeling can be summarised as the feeling when I put my motorbike helmet on. My brain switches off, heart rate accelerates and I slide into a flow state, purely focussed on pacing my bike as fast as I can around the track. This is the feeling I remember when I see the LSKD logo – for this reason alone I am happy to wear a LSKD shirt any day of the week.


Here are Jason’s pearls of wisdom that I extracted from our chat.

  1. Find the right mentor – over the years I have had many different mentors, ranging from trade based, real estate and brand development mentors. I think it is critical to find mentors that have been where you want to go. No single mentor will be ‘for life’; you need to find new people to guide you as your journey unfolds. Your mentor shouldn’t seek anything in return; they should purely want to see you succeed
  2. Listen and act on the advice given by mentors – If someone you look up to gives you advice, try it out and give them feedback. If you ignore their advice, chances are they won’t be as willing to provide assistance in the future.
  3. Ask yourself why – Why are you are passionate about what you do? Why do you love your industry, your business, your job? When you can articulate why you do what you do, you can sell the emotion associated with it.
  4. Chase the vibe – This is the motto of LSKD, it is what we are all about. We want people to feel like they are a part of a movement when they wear our brand. Figure out what your personal vibe is and follow it.
  5. Read/listen to Little Black Stretchy Pants by Chip Wilson – This book has been an absolute game changer. I have listened to it over 4 times now and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Other great courses that I received great value from are the Landmark Forum and Tony Robbins. They were transformational to say the least!
  6. Starting a business can be a lonely journey – During the early stages there will be some tough times. Times where people don’t want to buy your product. People close to you won’t believe in you and others may even laugh at you. During these times it is more important than ever to be focused on your why and learn to believe in yourself. Again it is crucial to have great mentors in your corner during these times.


Check out the LSKD website here:


Chase the vibe everyone!


Rapid Mentoring - Jason Daniel Pearls of Wisdom