Kate Hinton Top 5

Kate Hinton – Top 5 Pearls of Wisdom:

It’s Top 5 Pearls of Wisdom time and this month we are sharing some great insight from Kate Hinton an educator, facilitator, coach mentor and andragogy enthusiast.

Kate is passionate about developing others personally and professionally to help them grow successfully in their careers. She has a demonstrated history of working in the classroom along with school leadership. Kate is highly skilled in coaching, mentoring, building teacher capacity, facilitation of adult learning, leadership development and strategic planning.

Over the past few months, I have given myself permission to take time to understand more deeply who I am personally and professionally. This has allowed me to lead more from the heart and foster my style of leadership through actions and words. The critical element to my growth is being deliberate towards inviting support with what I need, and staying steady with what I want.
This year I am all about the STRETCH! Stretching my mental strength, and stretching my capability to get uncomfortable, take a risk, be the advocate for others and remove self-doubt. In a snapshot, I am attempting the 5 following attributes to lead from my heart:

  1. Be committed – Stretching others and stretching myself to make deeper connections in the work and with people.
  2. Be resilient – Rather than fearing a possible failure, acknowledge and embrace the learning challenge.
  3. Be present – To myself in filling my cup with joy, peace and fun. For others virtually or face to face, but regularly. To listen and connect with their emotions.
  4. Be of service – Doing this with hope and compassion. Be the smile, the resource, learn and discern with respect.
  5. Be courageous – Just be me! Be brave enough to take a step and then take a few more, knowing that what I am doing is who I am and that’s ok.

To be true to my STRETCH, I need to be kind to myself and kind to others, always.