Kelly-Anne’s Top 5 Pearls of Wisdom

Top 5 Pearls of Wisdom:

Kelly-Anne is the National Graduate Program Manager at one of Australia’s largest Information Technology solution providers.
From humble beginnings growing up in Adelaide, Kelly-Anne developed her street smarts and astute thinking that has served her well throughout her career. Kelly-Anne has achieved a lot in her career; importantly she has also supported others to do the same, where her key focus has always been on imparting her knowledge on to those working for her or who cross her path.
Having moved through many different industries, her focus on developing graduate talent has always been her passion and highest priority. Kelly-Anne has a natural ability to network, nurture and develop a talented workforce.

Here are Kelly-Anne’s top 5 pearls of wisdom for accelerating your career.

  1. Focus on finding influential leaders who will help to nurture your career, try to find those that want your career to be their legacy!
  2. Be conscious of your Personal Brand, you are always on show! Be your authentic self; be kind, courteous and genuine, common courtesy may be old fashioned but it does go a long way.
  3. Take time to find quality mentors and develop your network. Find people that will support you through your career, these people are your sponsors and will serve you well when applying for promotions.
  4. Always be inquisitive, seek new ways of doing things and challenge the status quo, just because we have ‘always done it that way’ doesn’t mean it is the best way! Go above and beyond to improve. Exceed excellence!

Finally, treat your career like building a house, make sure you take the time to establish the foundations before standing the framework, when you get to a leadership role and start to install the roof you need to understand some of the structural components.