Lata Hamilton Top 5 Pearls of Wisdom

For this months Top 5 Pearls of Wisdom I had the pleasure of chatting with Lata Hamilton from Passion Pioneers.

Lata Hamilton is the Founder & CEO of Passion Pioneers, a leading change management firm based in Sydney. Lata is an accredited Change Manager, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, and Executive Coach.

Lata has partnered with some of Australia’s biggest corporations on their major Transformation and Organisational Change projects with fit-for-purpose Change Management strategies and programs. She also supports executives and leaders with change services, leadership training, workshops, and coaching.

Here are Lata’s Top 5:

1. Dream big. One of the things I heard most when I was a grad was that I had to “bide my time” before I could move into more senior roles. So, I left, tripled my salary in the space of 3 years, gained flexibility over my career, and became a thought leader in the Change space. As long as you do great quality work and build good relationships, you can be as ambitious and climb as fast as you want.

2. Leadership. Don’t confuse leadership with management. Anyone who influences and inspires people to change is a leader – any age, any title. Management, on the other hand, is a role in itself and comes with a fair bit of admin. In the past, the only way to progress in promotion and pay was to move into management. It’s why we have lots of managers who don’t actually enjoy leading and coaching teams! Luckily, more paths of promotion are opening up. Figure out which one you want (leadership, management, or both) and go for the roles that fit.

3. Perspective. The biggest organisational change younger generations of workers will face in the coming decade is their roles and work being automated. Remember – if you lose your job, it’s just a job. It was meant to be lost to make way for better roles. Treat yourself like a business, brush yourself off, and upskill or reskill to roles that will be in-demand. People-focused work, leadership, strategy, creativity, and innovation can’t be easily outsourced to machines! It’s your career so it’s your job to keep an eye on changing job market needs and align yourself accordingly.

4. Comfort with change. The pace of change is still speeding up. One of the best things to learn is how people (including yourself) react to change and how you can help smooth that fear, resistance and confusion. The biggest barrier to progress and success is people not being able to deal with change. You need to align the head, heart and gut to bring people on board. Logic and reason may go out the window when change comes knocking.

5. Purpose and pride. If you’re going to work hard, work hard for something that means something to you. There will be no bigger regret than looking back on your life and wondering what you did with the 8 hours a day, 5 days a week over your prime 50 years. Uncover your purpose – what you’re here to do, the experiences you want to have, and the impact you want to make (Executive Coaching really helps with that!). But match that with pride – don’t get stuck on the merry-go-round of achievement. The joy comes when you stand still and take stock and feel awed by what you did, the people you helped, and the life you created.

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