Nadia Golenkova Top 5 Pearls of Wisdom

Nadia Golenkova is an experienced people leader with a passion for delivering high-impact, contemporary HR solutions. As L&OD Manager for Winson Group, Nadia’s current focus is to drive organisational resilience, performance, and growth by developing future ready, capable employees.

Strongly committed to the advancement of the HR profession, Nadia regularly volunteers her time as a mentor, NFP consultant, and is a member of the AHRI QLD State Council. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Masters of Business from the University of Queensland. In her spare time Nadia enjoys travel, learning to ballroom dance, and trying to keep up with over 30 favorite podcasts.

Here are Nadia’s Top 5 Pearls of Wisdom targeted at graduates and those early in their career:

  1. Always understand your business.
    It’s not enough to be a specialist in your field. To be successful and effective, you need to understand your commercial environment. No matter if you’re in private, not for profit, or government, you will have major customers, key deliverables, and core metrics that your organisation will sweat. Learn the language of your workplace, and understand how your role contributes to the larger goals.


  1. Care about what you do – everyday.
    Sometimes “loving” work is a bit of a big ask. You won’t always enjoy your job, and you won’t always feel motivated – but you should always show care about how your work affects others. That care factor is as applicable to your entry-level role, as it is when you’re a business leader. Don’t forget that even on the days that you don’t feel engaged, you can still care about your impact on people.


  1. Be like a duck!
    Challenging situations will come up all the time throughout your career, and it’s absolutely OK to ask for help. However, when the going gets tough, you will stand out by projecting an air of calm, rather than shouting about the sky falling.  Float on the water, but pedal hard beneath the surface.


  1. Don’t search for a passion, cultivate one.
    Most people don’t discover their career passion out of the blue. Passions are interests that have been cultivated and nurtured over time. Invest in your curiosities: read, listen to podcasts, go to events,  dedicate time for practicing things that interest you. Over time you’ll find that your passion will grow out of this investment.


  1. Create your own luck. 
    Don’t wait for your manager to come to you with the next challenge. If you know and care about your business and are cultivating your interests into passions, you’ll soon discover plenty of opportunities. Be brave and share your insights with others, run with projects, and keep making your own luck as you go.


If you would like to get in touch with Nadia feel free to send out a connection request via her LinkedIn profile: LinkedIn