Rapid Mentoring - Performance Review Package

Performance Review Package

Make more of your life and career in less time with Rapid’s Performance Review Package!

Attention go getters, are you ready to take your career further, faster?

The Rapid Mentoring Performance Review Report has been a massive hit, helping our members change the trajectory of their careers! Many members report scoring some very impressive promotions, salary increases and bonuses simply due to following the steps laid out in the Performance Review Report. Now we have upgraded the report and created a whole new system to help maximise your returns on every single performance review you do, for the rest of your career.

To help you take your performance reviews to the next level we have built an entirely new system. We have designed this system so you can take all the guess work out of your next review. Through this system we have included pointers, advice and the tools you need in workbook style attachments so you can fill in the blanks to your performance review success. Excelling at your performance reviews is one of the fastest ways you can accelerate your career.

 The Rapid Mentoring Performance Review Package is the ultimate kick start for your career. If you are just starting out and want the best advice up front or if you are a seasoned veteran that is looking to take control of their career we have the tools and the know-how to take your performance reviews to the next level. Transforming the everyday into the extraordinary is what we do! Here is the tough truth that you probably already know.  If you want different results you need to do something different. As Albert Einstein once said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Make a determined decision right now to get a different result!

Just imagine if this course could lead to an additional 1% pay rise or bonus. Considering the average wage across Australia is just over $62,000 per year a 1% increase would equate to a $620 pay rise. The Rapid Performance Review Program is priced at just $149 – yes this is  less than a 0.25% pay rise on the average wage or a 400% Return on Investment just on a 1% pay rise! If you could compound these increases and continue to average an additional 1%, after a 40year career you would be earning a staggering 48% more! But in all honesty 1% is just the tip of the iceberg, I have personally used these tools to land myself pay rises up to 34% in one single performance review. Imagine how much this could change the trajectory of your life.