Remembering Names

Remembering names is a massive frustration for so many people, ignoring the problem can hurt your reputation and generally make it feel as though you don’t care. We know that isn’t the case so try the following tips to help you get a grasp on recalling people’s names. Practice and it becomes easier, the easier it gets the more confident you will become.

In time, your conversations will become more fluent and you may even discover you have an unknown gift of the gab.

Recalling a discussion with a member who recounted how one night at a work Christmas party he had been introduced to the new CEO. The night was just getting started and our members boss had introduced him to the new CEO, a quick handshake and nice to meet you was it. Later that night when leaving, without any further interaction, the new CEO fare-welled him by name and told him how he looked forward to seeing him in the office next week. What a lasting impression this had on our member – absolutely blown away, being a young graduate engineer and having the CEO of a multinational company remember his name!

Here is a look at how you too can develop this skill of remembering peoples names.

Before you meet:

Before you start, we need to change your mindset from “I am not good at remembering names” to “I am not good at remembering names YET”

Try to Find your own motivation for being better at remembering names,

  • The way it makes you feel when someone else remembers your name
    • Conversely how bad it makes you feel when someone important forgets your name
  • The impact it can have on your business
  • Good business and social etiquette
  • Remembering peoples names makes them feel special and cared for, if you want them to do something for you the least you can do is remember their name.

The meeting:

  • Be present – focus only on the person you are meeting, as if they are the only person in the room. Give them your undivided attention and try to block out the rest of the room.
  • Listen to them to HEAR what they are saying, not to RESPOND – just listen
  • Repeat their name after you first hear it – Jim Kwik refers to the six second rule – say the name within six seconds before you forget it.
    • “Nice to meet you ‘…’ my name is ….”
    • This is the best time to clarify that you have the name right
  • If it helps ask them a question about their name (don’t be offensive) try
    • “Hi ‘…’, that’s an interesting name, where does it come from”? “Does ‘…’ have any special meaning”?
  • Associate their name with an image, humans are very visual people if you can associate an image with their face – something that their name instantly reminds you of
    • i.e. if their name was Rudolf naturally the red nosed reindeer would pop into your head – so picture them with a shiny red nose – I seriously hope you don’t meet someone named Rudolf and laugh… try to keep the association above board, you don’t want to crack a smirk.
  • Use their name in your conversation, if you can use it three or four times through the conversation you are so much more likely to remember it
    • Rather than asking “Do you have any plans for the weekend?” try “So ‘….’, do you have any plans for the weekend?”
  • Close with thanking them by using their name
    • “Great to meet you ‘…'”

There you have it, some great pointers to helping you remember people’s names.

We hope this helps. We have heaps more of these great tips within our FastTrack members section or check out the other benefits of online mentoring.