Renae Ferris Top 5 Pearls of Wisdom

Renae Ferris – Personal Transformation Coach

Renae is an inspiring Aussie mum dedicated to her craft and delivering cutting-edge mental skills training that empowers people to get out of their own way. Trained by the worlds leading human behaviour expert Dr John Demartini, Renae’s unique coaching model is a combination of science and philosophy with the essential application of values.

The methodology used proves that although it is easier to look externally for why you’re not achieving the results you want, it is rapidly more effective to work from the inside out.

Working with Renae, clients undergo mental skills training that reveal meaning (purpose) to their life, release their stressors & emotional blocks then equip them to step into their personal power and create the life they were born to lead.
“Life becomes limitless when YOU do” – Renae Ferris

Renae’s top 5 pearls of wisdom:

1. Know Your Values
Every person has a unique hierarchy of values; the specific components of life that are most important/valuable to you, down to that which is least important. To activate your inner genius (which everyone has within them) you must act in alignment with your values. You will maximise your efforts by becoming consciously aware of how what you are doing now is helping you fulfil those values. The more links you have between what you are doing and what is important to you, the more intrinsically inspired you will be to act. As you align your goals and your values you will see your greatest creativity and productivity emerge instinctively. (Warning: External motivation is a sign that what you’re doing isn’t important to you and you will subconsciously find a way to self-sabotage in attempt to realign yourself). Outside influences will constantly tell you the things you “should”, “must”, “need”, “ought to” do, it’s your job to listen to your intuition telling you what you “love to”, “want to”, “can’t wait to” do.

2. Personal Development – “The more you learn, the more you earn” – Warren Buffett
Commit to becoming a lifelong learner. Expand your mind and don’t limit yourself to teachings other people give or offer you. Seek out your own opportunities and things you want to learn about.

There are so many incredible books out there, but if I had to offer a short book list to recommend for someone looking to learn and grow as a person they would be:

  • The Values Factor” by Dr John Demartini
  • The Gratitude Effect” by Dr John Demartini
  • Atomic Habits” by James Cleary
  • Mindset” by Carol Dweck
  • The Law of Success in 16 lessons” by Napoleon Hill
  • You can heal your life” by Louise Hay
  • The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne
  • You become what you think about” by Vic Johnson
  • Change your questions, change your life” by Marilee Adams PhD
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki
  • Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill

Note: These are all available on Audible if you prefer to listen to Audio.

3. Set Non-Negotiable Daily Habits – “First we make our habits, then our habits make us.” – John Dryden
Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Whether you want to or not, you will become a product of your actions. If you exercise regularly, you will become fit. If you spend all your money, you will become broke. If you educate yourself, you will become wise. So if you have a goal you want to achieve then start with the end in mind and plan out the small, daily habits that will get you there. Turn your desired actions into automatic habits through consistent action, this will help you avoid the temptations of immediate gratification. Stay consistent and trust the process. It is a universal law that like gravity, cannot be defied.

4. Stop fighting for your limitations – if you do, you get to keep them.
If you want to do something great with your life, the first step is to get on your own damn team. Your life and your abilities are not fixed. Your behaviours are not fixed. Who you were yesterday and who you are today does not have to determine your future. You can CHOOSE who you want to be, what you want to do and what you have. It all starts with what you believe to be true. If you hear yourself in conversation justifying to yourself or others all of the reasons ‘why you can’t do something, recognise that you are fighting against yourself. Even if the substance of what you’re saying appears to be correct based on the evidence you have so far, there is always another way. Colonel Sanders started at age 65 and got rejected 1009 times before selling his KFC chicken recipe. Thomas Edison made 1000 unsuccessful attempts before creating a light bulb. Oprah Winfrey grew up in a poverty-stricken black family in an era of racism, endured sexual assault and was fired from day-time TV, told she was not good enough before turning the lowest-rated talk-show in Chicago into the award-winning Oprah Winfrey show and growing her net worth to over $3 Billion. So, stop telling yourself that YOU don’t have what it takes. If you give yourself permission to wholeheartedly pursue something that is truly meaningful and inspiring to YOU, you will activate greatness inside of you that can endure anything.

5. Challenges are necessary. Suffering is optional.
As you go through life you are going to be confronted with challenges. It has been stated and identified in various studies including biology that maximum growth occurs at the border of support and challenge. Any human who is over-supported in life can become dependant, and those who are over-challenged can become substantially independent. It is not just a cliché but a proven fact that it is our challenges in life that make us stronger. This is why the most successful people in the world actively pursue challenges that inspire them so that they don’t have to fill their day with challenges that don’t.

The challenge is necessary for you to grow. The suffering, however, is not. The suffering is your body’s feedback mechanism to let you know that your reality does not match your expectations. We are constantly trying to predict what will happen and how things will work out, but we don’t always have all of the variables. My advice is, don’t wait for hindsight to see beauty. When you find yourself faced with a challenge that you can’t change, then practice acceptance. But don’t just accept it, embrace it. Accept it as if YOU chose it and seek out the benefits that come with it. The key here is to be flexible in your expectations and turn the challenges into great opportunities. It was William James, the father of modern psychology that said “The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their perceptions and attitudes in mind”. If you perceive challenges in a way that they are opportunities and a gift, they will help you come up with creative, new innovative ways to achieve your objective. But if you continue to see your challenges as roadblocks that are “in the way” and not on the way, they will stop you in your tracks and cause you to regress. It is wise to remember that in life the ‘situation’ is NEVER the problem, your reaction and perspective to it is. Any imbalanced emotion can and will run you. Get on top of it and balance out your emotions before making decisions.

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