Ripping with Dean Ferris

This month I was lucky enough to spend the day with Dean Ferris who is one of the top Pro Motocross Racers in Australia. His dedication to his sport and drive to be the best is second to none and it shows in the record books.

Dean is a 3x Australian National Pro Motocross champion. Early in his career he spent time at the AIS (Australian Institute of Sport) and has spent time racing across Australia along with a storied international career racing in both Europe and the United States. Last year Dean managed the first clean sweep winning all 10 rounds of the 2018 Australian Motocross Championship. Yes the guy is super-FAST on a dirt bike!

A few weeks back I had the privilege of being invited to spend the day with Dean tagging along to one of his coaching sessions with some junior riders. There were a number of things that stuck out for me throughout the day and I was amazed at how many of the pointers and tips he gave have great application in the world away from a motocross track. It was quite surreal to be on the track while Dean was riding. He has an amazingly smooth, effortless flow around the track that is seriously impressive, let alone the amount of speed he carries.

Over the course of the day Dean pointed out a heap of tips to improve my personal riding. I have bundled a few of these up and given some anecdotes on how they can be applied to your life to help you take your career and life further, faster.

As mentioned above, these are not a standard ‘interview’ style top 5 pearls of wisdom, more takeaways and anecdotes from the coaching sessions.

  1. If you blow a corner, forget it straight away! Don’t take that negativity into the next corner or I guarantee you will blow the next one as well! Don’t let one bad corner ruin your whole race!
    • In life we can’t keep carrying the negative things that happen to us. We need to be able to look forward positively. One bad experience doesn’t need to ruin your whole day!
  2. Don’t waste energy worrying
    • Dean actually quoted Oprah on the track (totally not what I was expecting on a motocross track) but they are both right, worrying doesn’t help anything it only consumes energy that could be better spent solving the problem you are worrying about.
  3. When asked about sleeping the night before a big event, Dean mentioned that he sleeps really well all the time and big events don’t seem to phase him that much. He mentioned that while at the AIS he learnt that it takes over 20hrs for a sleepless night to catch up with you, it is highly likely the event will be over by the time it catches up.
    • This helps to reduce the anxiety over not getting enough sleep the night before and helps you get to sleep easier. Many, many Olympic athletes have had sleepless nights and performed well the next day and so can you.
  4. Practice good technique EVERYWHERE – even when riding down to the track, EVERYWHERE – you don’t see pro riders riding around looking sloppy, perfect technique is how they ride!
    • Quality is doing the right thing even when no one is watching. Make your work the highest Quality even when no one is looking – make it a HABIT.
  5. Do what the Pro’s do! Get a video of a pro and get a video of yourself and compare what they do differently – then copy their technique.
    • This applies to so many facets of life. For example, if you want to learn public speaking then study someone good at it, video yourself and learn from it. If you want to learn to play golf, do the same…

One final take away was all around corner speed, “if you believe that you can’t take a corner any faster, you won’t! You always need to believe there is a faster way around that corner”. Again this quote has so many applications to life, keep striving for greatness, and always look to beat your personal bests.

A massive thanks to Dean and his family for having me for the day, I certainly learnt a lot and had a great day.

There you go, some great tips to help you ‘rip it up‘ in any area of your life!

Hold on tight!

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