Ryan Tuckwood Top 5 Pearls of Wisdom

Welcome to our first Top 5 for the year and let me tell you this one is a cracker!

Sales skills are an important aspect of EVERYONE’S career. It is not just about selling things if anything it is more about selling yourself and your ideas.

This month we have some great sales advice from one of the worlds leading sales coaches!

Ryan Tuckwood is the Co-founder and CEO of SWISH Sales Coaching.

Ryan and SWISH Co-Founder, Jack Corbett boosted their profile in 2018 appearing on Channel Ten’s ‘Shark Tank’, where they became the first company in Australian history to successfully secure the support of 3 Sharks. On the show, Australian entrepreneurial powerhouses Dr. Glen Richards, Steve Baxter & Andrew Banks all became shareholders & advisors for Ryan & SWISH Sales Coaching. Ryan is now widely regarded as the No1 ethical sales coach on the planet.

Ryan openly admits he was once a reluctant, failing sales professional, struggling initially and at one point sleeping on a friend’s bathroom floor with just 31 cents to his name. After hitting that crisis point, he began studying fanatically and realised that, just like his old career as an engineer, sales was a process.

Fast forward to today where he has now coached almost 6,500 businesses & individuals globally, showing his clients how to close over $1billion dollars in new sales revenue in the last few years alone.

Over the past few years, Ryan has shared the stage or the interview mic with a range of iconic figures, such as Grant Cardone, Jordan Belfort (Wolf of Wall Street), Mark Bouris, Michael Lane and Harry Singha to name a few.

Here are Ryans Top 5 Pearls of Wisdom to help you learn the art of sales:

  1. The biggest mistake sales personnel make is having the wrong intent. Your job as a salesperson is not to make a sale, but rather, to see if a sale should be made. In order to do this you must emotionally detach from the outcome and enter every conversation with a desire to learn more about the prospect. This comes down to always selling with integrity. Never try to force someone to buy something or use manipulative tactics to persuade people into buying. As a sales representative, it is our job to determine if our products can fulfil the needs and wants of our clients and help them solve their problems.
  2. Remember people buy from you first. At SWISH sales coaching we strongly believe in our 300% Rule of Value. Firstly you need to sell YOU (Myself), based on sharing features and benefits as to why people would want to work with you. Be vulnerable, open up, it’s 2021, real recognises real. Secondly, the features and benefits of working with your company. Finally, we sell based on the features and benefits of our products. This is our MCP process: Myself – Company – Product! In that order!
  3. Always follow up, elegantly.  Studies have shown that 80% of sales are made between the 5th and 12th engagement. These same studies show that 50% of salespeople don’t ever bother following up! Your aim is to follow up where you try to add additional value to the point where the customer feels compelled to do business with you. Show them how good you are, don’t tell them. Create Contents of Value (COV’s) you can periodically release to prospects that increase both their awareness of you and value in your services.
  4. The first objection you receive is rarely the real one. Sales negotiations are a game between the consumer and the seller. These days’ consumers are very astute and almost feel it is their duty to provide objections to buying. Generally, the first objection given is a reason that ‘sounds good’. It is up to you to get past this initial objection and isolate the real reason for not wanting to buy/move forward. Once you can isolate the real objection you can begin to address their concerns, again, using the 300% rule above.
  5. Always aim to offer multiple options. People love the feeling of having a choice and deciding for themselves. Always offer multiple options on how people can move forward. For a long time now, people have had the mindset of needing three quotes, if you allow them to have these three options from your organisation, they won’t be compelled to look towards your competition to justify the purchase. Also, recognise that we have ‘middle offering syndrome’ whereby when confronted with 3 options, over 85% of people will select the middle one.

Remember, selling is a skill that can be learnt by anyone, no-one is born with it. There is no such thing as a natural-born salesperson and anyone is capable of learning the skills required to become a world-class sales professional if they apply themselves to the skills of the trade.
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