Sally Prosser Top 5 Pearls of Wisdom

It’s Top 5 Pearls of Wisdom time and this month we are sharing some great insight from Sally Prosser.

Sally Prosser is one of Australia’s leading voice and speaking coaches.

As a former TV journalist, Sally reported for Channels 7, 10 and the ABC before crossing over to public relations (the dark side!) and taking on the role of spokesperson for Urban Utilities. Prior to her broadcast career, Sally ran a successful Speech & Drama studio and holds a licentiate teaching diploma in the field. Sally also has university degrees in journalism and law!

These days Sally has taken on more entrepreneurial pursuits founding Sally Prosser Voice, where she helps people speak with confidence, clarity and charisma.

Sally is also the host of That Voice Podcast which offers heaps of practical tips as well as interviews with people from all walks of life about what their voice means to them.

Sally’s also built a following of more than 200K people on TikTok. You can follow her @sallyprosservoice.

Here are Sally’s Top 5 Pearls of Wisdom to help you find your confident, authentic voice:


Your real voice is a megaphone for your inner voice.

You don’t want those pesky negative thoughts to sabotage your voice before you even make a sound.

I recommend writing mantras, saying them aloud and making recordings of them. Feel free to pinch this one – I’m grateful for the opportunity, they want to listen to me, I deserve this space!


Imagine you’re wearing Victoria’s Secret angel wings – yep, blokes too!

Your shoulders will come back, your head will rise up and you’ll create a visual that you take up more space than your body.

This does wonders for your posture, your confidence and the energy you bring into any room.


Oxygen fuels your voice. Are you speaking on almost empty?

Shallow breathing really kicks in with nerves! You want the air to get in low and deep – your tummy should expand. Imagine you’re breathing into your buttocks – yep, you won’t forget that in a hurry!

It’s also important to breathe out while you’re speaking. Sounds obvious, but I hear a lot of people – especially under pressure – speak while holding their breath.


Nobody is born a brilliant speaker. It’s a learned skill.

I’m often shocked by the number of people who go into an important presentation or an interview or a tough conversation without practising.

It’s like running a race with no training – you’re never going to reach your potential if you don’t do the prep work.


If you don’t love the sound of your voice, how can you expect others to?

If you don’t feel your voice has influence, how can you expect it to have influence?

Your voice is like a pet. Show it attention and treat it well and it will love you back.

One of the best ways to love your voice is to warm it up every day.
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