Steph Clarke Top 5 Pearls of Wisdom

Steph Clarke is a modern day Superwoman! After leaving the confines of a stable corporate career spanning over 13 years at EY where she pivoted from auditing to learning and development, Steph has gone full ‘solopreneur’ launching her own facilitation business.  She is a Board member for Laneway Learning, hosts her own totally awesome podcast called Steph’s Business Bookshelf and to top it off, ‘moonlights’ as a spin and Pilates instructor on the side.

As a facilitator and team coach she works with teams to not just identify the behaviours and strategies that will make them successful, but stick to them.

Using a facilitated process, teams engage in interactive discussions on their potential and how they can contribute to achieving this through the conversations they need to have and building better daily habits for working together.

Steph has a wealth of knowledge to share. Here are her top 5 pearls of wisdom to help your career.

  1. Learn to teach and teach to learn: nothing will accelerate your career like a habit of learning.  Find something that interests you and go deeper through books, courses, work experience, shadowing, coaching, mentoring… the list is endless.  Don’t keep your learning to yourself – share whatever you learn with those around you.  Not only is this a good thing to do but it will also embed your own learning as you have to explain the concepts and ideas.
  2. Buck conventional wisdom: my two greatest career decisions have been the ones that other people questioned the most; 1) not going to university and 2) moving from accounting into L&D.  Only you know what’s right for you and other people’s insecurities or opinions aren’t always very helpful.
  3. Nothing is permanent: thinking that every decision you make is stuck forever can quickly drive inaction, avoidance and freak-outs.  Take everything as an experiment that can be tweaked and adjusted along the way – and enjoy the ride.
  4. Experience first: don’t get hung up on rank or titles. I’ve seen so many people lose themselves over not getting a promotion, or not take an opportunity because it will put them back for promotion for an extra year or two.  They totally forget about the work they’re doing and the experiences they are getting.  We’re going to be working a lot longer than previous generations (something I find very exciting) so put things in perspective; seek out the experiences you want (for life and your career) and have those conversations, don’t chase the titles.
  5. Find your people: surround yourself with the best people.  Look for the good humans who will support you, challenge you, make you laugh, celebrate with you, tell you when you’re wrong, and help you raise the bar and (most importantly) who you can do the same for.